Message from the President

Dear CRCC Members and Friends,

It is very unfortunate to share this news however as of today, June 12, 2017 the field is hereby CLOSED!
Just this morning I received an email from the new property owner stating that they have no desire to allow the club to remain on site and wish for us to close immediately. I have spoken with the new property owner and they are willing to work with us on a time to collect our property including our buildings. As such I will need to arrange a suitable time with both the new owners and our club members to meet on site to remove our property. We will need multiple hands as well as pickup trucks and trailers to load the buildings, porta-potty, benches and other such property owned by the club.


This has come as very shocking news as all along I have been informed and led to believe that the new ownership had desire for us to stay on site up to and as recently as just prior to closing.
While I know we are all disappointed in this news (certainly no-one more than I) it is what it is and we will now work towards finding a new location for our club. Please DO NOT inundate the new owners with calls nor emails as they are now the new owner of the property and is well within his rights to make such request/demands for us to vacate the property.


Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, this came as quite the shock.


Gene Lavine


CRCC President




Below is both a copy of the owner’s demands as well as my emailed response.




Dear Mr. (Hidden for privacy reasons)

This is very unfortunate news as we were informed by the previous owner and management person (Hidden for privacy reasons) that it was the desire of the new purchaser of the property that the club would remain on site. It was also stated to us just prior to your closing that “the buyer” would be reaching out to me to work out an agreement to keep the club in place. It appears I have either been sorely misinformed or you have changed you mind. In either case, this is very unfortunate news for the club.

Per your request I will forward your demands to our club members and notify them to immediately cease all access to the property. Further, I will have the website post the closing of the field online.
I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to arrange a suitable time to collect our property (buildings, signage ect) which is owned by the club.


This email is post our telephone conversation and I intend to meet you requests specified below.


Thank You

Gene Lavine

CRCC President



From: Hidden for privacy reasons
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 9:56 AM
Subject: RC Flyers Club


Mr. Lavine, I write to you in your capacity as President of the Coweta Radio Control Club  As you may already know, on June 2nd my wife and I purchased the property formerly used for the Powers Crossroads Festival, including the field that the club has leased for flying RC planes and related activities (the “Property”).

We do not plan to continue to allow the club to use the Property, and we have not accepted assignment of the lease from Coweta Festivals, Inc. under which the club has been using the Property.  However, as recently as yesterday afternoon, someone whom I assume was a club member was on the Property in the area of the landing strip and buildings for more than an hour and a half.


Please immediately inform all club members that the Property is no longer available for their use.  I will post a sign at the gate for a short while to inform any member who somehow misses your notice.

I will be glad to meet you or your designee at the site to allow retrieval of any personal property and the memorial plaque on the Property.  Please suggest a time within the next week.  My cell phone number is (Hidden for privacy reasons).  If I don’t answer, please send a short text, and I will call you back.


Finally, please remove all references to the Property from the club’s website, social media, and other publications, including listings of the address of the Property, maps of the location, photos of the facilities, lists of the amenities on the Property, and the like.

Thank you for your assistance with this transition.  I was pleased to learn that Coweta Festivals previously advised you that the Property was up for sale and hope that the club has already arranged another site for its members’ use.